Juncker sees difficult 2013, backs more flexible European Stability Mechanism




10 Jan 2013


Brussels, Belgium



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TIME DESCRIPTION DURATION 00:00:00 Title 00:00:09 00:00:09 PTC of Chris (reporter) introducing the topic. 'He played a key role in helping the Eurozone weather and navigates financial turmoil. Now Eurogroup chairman Jean-Claude Juncker is about to pass the torch, with some advice on how to prevent another crisis.' 00:00:11 00:00:21 Arrival of Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the Eurogroup. Luxembourg's prime Minister. He is entering the room, shaking hands. Reporter's VO: 'Luxembourg's prime Minister, a member of the EPP family, met with the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee for the last time as head of the Euro Group. He urged giving the new European Stability Mechanism more flexibility in recapitalising troubled banks, an issue subject to intense debate.' 00:00:03 00:00:25 Cutaway of the audience. Reporter's VO continues. 00:00:05 00:00:30 Shot of Jean-Claude Juncker giving a speech during the Committee. Reporter's VO continues. 00:00:03 00:00:33 Cutaways of the audience. (2 shots) Reporter's VO continues. 00:00:06 00:00:39 Soundbite by Jean-Claude Juncker 'There is a heavy question mark on the legacy from the past. Can the ESM recapitalise banks by retroactively applying the arrangements that it has, or must we limit the european mechanism's intervention to the new problems that arise? I have a personal point of view to express. I think we must ensure certain retroactivity for the mechanism, other it loses a great part of its meaning.' 00:00:37 00:01:16 Cutaways of the audience. (3 shots) 00:00:10 00:01:26 Interview with Jean-Paul Gauzes (in French) '2012 was a year where things went better than we could have feared. But 2013, that's not to say that all is sorted. And I think that in a very realistic way, and the president of the Eurogroup indicated well that maybe the worst of the crisis is behind us, but there is still a lot of effort to be made, courageous measures to take. But we are on the right track.' 00:00:22 00:01:48 Cutaway of Jean-Claude Juncker talking during Committe. Reporter's VO: ' Mr. Junker will leave the Euro Group presidency after seven years. His successor is widely expected to be Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem. Mr. Junker was asked the most important characteristic of the job. 00:00:03 00:01:51 Cutaway of Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem getting off his car. Reporter's VO continues. 00:00:06 00:01:57 Cutaway of the Committee Meeting. Reporter's VO continues. 00:00:04 00:02:01 Interview with Jean-Claude Juncker: 'The president of the Euro Group has to listen, and then decide. he cannot decide without having listened.' 00:00:10 00:02:11 PTC of Chris (reporter) finishing the topic. ' Eurogroup ministers are due to decide on January 21 who will succeed Mr. Junker. Certainly some large shoes to fill at the helm of the Euro zone's most powerful economic policymaking body. Find out more about the activities by checking eppgroup.eu. Thanks for watching and see you again soon. 00:00:20
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